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Practice areas:

Áron Vikor, attorney and mediator, primarily practises in the labour law and commercial law areas, focusing on dispute resolution in these fields. He is specialized in elaborating various labour law structures (working order, registration systems and their data protection aspects) and handling issues arising in the area of collective labour law (e.g. negotiations with trade unions and workers’ councils), as well as drafting cross-border contracts regulating multilateral commercial legal relationships.

Recent experience in employment matters:

  • Carrying out two simultaneous collective redundancies at the Hungarian subsidiaries of a German group producing industrial devices: drafting documentation in German, advising the employers and representing them in the negotiations with the employee’s representatives, liaising with the employment centre, filing the necessary reports, etc.
  • Advising clients regarding the election of work safety representatives.
  • Drafting multi-employer employment contracts for managerial positions, ensuring compliance with both labor law and corporate law.
  • Advising clients regarding the data protection aspects of GPS tracking of company cars, drafting the respective car policies in English and/or in Hungarian.
  • Elaborating compensation structures combining salary elements based on working time and salary elements based on performance.
  • Advising employers on the rules of reimbursing the expenses of commuting to work.
  • Advising employers on the rules of archiving and/or shredding hard copy documents.
  • Advising employers on the rules of drafting/signing employment related documents in languages other than Hungarian.
  • Drafting ordinary and immediately effective notices based on various grounds, preparing mutual agreements terminating the employment.
  • Representing employer in a lawsuit against the local trade union because of libellous statements published by the trade union.
  • Representing employers in a wide range of labor law litigations initiated by/against current/previous employees.



  • Attorney, Szabó Kelemen & Partners Attorneys, 2007 to date
  • Legal Trainee, Szabó Kelemen & Partners Attorneys, 2004 – 2006
  • Legal Trainee, Ormai & Partners CMS Cameron McKenna, 2002 – 2004
  • Paralegal, Ormai & Partners CMS Cameron McKenna, 2000 – 2001
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