Antitrust/competition law

Áron Mátyás Somogyi

He has more than 10 years’ of legal advisory experience at a credit institution especially regarding financing, consumer protection and advertising related issues. His extensive practice encompasses representing clients in lawsuits in various areas of law, providing legal advice in connection with antitrust law, IT law, copyright law and trade mark law…

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Zsolt Eperjesi

In addition to drafting corporate documents in Hungarian and English, Zsolt primarily cooperates in providing legal consultancy to Hungarian and international companies, as well as drafting documents, contracts and submissions to courts.

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Árpád Somogyi

Primarily experienced in providing consultancy in the areas of commercial and real estate law, as well as representation in lawsuits in various legal areas, and additionally practises in the areas of securities, antitrust/competition, IT law, copyright and trademark law. In addition to his work as an attorney, he has been a university lecturer in private international law and international business law since 2002…

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Gergely Prinz

Has considerable experience in providing on-site day-to-day legal assistance to multinational companies. Within this area, Gergely’s experience includes handling the legal aspects of implementing a greenfield industrial investment, beginning with the securing the necessary real properties, drafting the construction, assembly, supply and financing contracts enabling implementation…

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Zsófia Perczel

She is specialized in the area of public procurement law. She has extensive experience in the preparation and settlement of contract award procedures, the preparation and submission of tenders, and also in judicial remedies in matters involving contract award procedures…

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László Kelemen

Focuses on corporate, commercial, anti-trust/competition, real estate, regulatory and tax issues, and dispute resolution. He is the permanent legal representative of various international firms in Hungary. He regularly represents international and domestic firms before the Hungarian Competition Authority and advises them on anti-trust/competition issues. …

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Balázs Dominek

His work encompasses antitrust/competition law, as well as industrial and commercial real estate and a wide range of corporate and commercial matters. He is also active as a researcher and an author…

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